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Dr. Claudia Mak is a chiropractor who graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences in Minnesota. Prior to alending chiropracYc school, Dr. Mak earned a Bachelor of Science (Honours Kinesiology) from McMaster University. Her goals include serving the community and

helping others establish and maintain a high quality of life through an integraYve and holisYc approach.

Dr. Mak is a member of The InternaYonal ChiropracYc Pediatric AssociaYon (ICPA) and is cerYfied in the Webster technique, which involves gentle diversified chiropracYc adjustments for pregnant women. She is also trained in cupping, blading, taping, and plans to pursue an acupuncture cerYficate. AddiYonally, she is interested in educaYng paYents on various rehabilitaYon exercises to help them achieve their goals. She is proficient in English, Cantonese,and Mandarin.



脊醫Claudia Mak 畢業於美國明尼蘇達州的西北健康科學大學。她精通英語、粤語和普通話。在就讀脊醫學院之前,Dr. Mak 在加拿大麥馬斯特大學完成了運動科學學士學位。Dr. Mak 是國際脊椎兒科協會(ICPA)的成員,並且取得了Webster technique 的證書,該技術是專門檢查和調整孕婦脊椎和盆骨。她還接受了拔罐、刮痧和針灸的培訓。此外,她也熱衷於對教導患者各種保健運動以幫助減輕痛症,加快康復進度。