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Dr. Hayoung (Jessica) Choi is a Chiropractor and Acupuncture provider with a special

interest and passion in the aging population, especially about their healthy aging journey.

She is certified in a training program for GLA:D Canada which is an exercise program for

individuals who have osteoarthritis in their knees or hips. She provides evidence-based

diversified treatments which include chiropractic manipulation/mobilization, soh Yssue

therapy, acupuncture, and education about wellness and exercise.

As an immigrant, she experienced the challenges immigrants face in accessing and uYlizing healthcare. Thus, she has been passionately volunteering at a number of community programs such as the Korean Health Fair, Disability RehabilitaYon and Fitness program, Children Development Centre, and Alzheimer’s Society Day Program at a senior home to explore the needs of our community. She also participated in Volunteering Abroad to Thailand in 2016,2017,2018 and to Bolivia in 2021 serving under-privileged population. She is interested in getting further involved in the community to provide a patient-centered care around wellness, injury prevention, and rehabilitaYon.