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Ms. Ki Yeowoon, a ballet instructor, holds a bachelor's degree in Dance from Sungkyunkwan University and has dedicated over 15 years of her life to the study of ballet.

In addition to her extensive ballet training, she has acquired certifications as a mat Pilates and flying yoga instructor, allowing her to teach ballet, mat Pilates, and flying yoga to people of various age groups for over a decade.

Ms. Ki Yeowoon's role includes delivering the message through her "Ballet Pilates" classes that it is possible to enhance flexibility and strength without putting undue stress on the joints. Her aim is to help individuals learn ballet without the risk of injury and to assist those with posture issues and severe pain through her dedicated "Body Barre" classes, which she researched and conducted for six years.

Her ultimate goal is to lead classes with a strong emphasis on promoting healthy movements, enabling graceful and pain-relieving natural movements. She intends to continue focusing on cultivating healthy movement and improving posture in her future classes.